“Best Salon in Roswell! I've been having my hair cut by Whitney Johnson at JH Design Studio for the past three years. Having found Whitney, I never looked back...”
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“Not to be missed! My schedule is always arranged in order to keep my appointments with Barb. She does a fantastic job of coloring, highlighting and cutting my hair...”
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    Roswell JH Hair Design Studio

    As seen in North Fulton Living Magazine

    by Amber Mette

    “We want you to have the best experience you’ve ever had, and we also want you to have the best results you’ve ever had.”

    The motif of the newly restored home of JH Design Studio in historic Downtown Roswell echoes the creativity and business dynamic of owners Whitney Johnson and Barbara Horvath. With its sage green walls and vaulted wood ceiling, the space has the look and feel of a high-end salon, but Johnson and Horvath have personally selected warm accessories that give it a comfortable, approachable and inviting vibe—much like the team at JH Design Studio….comfortable, approachable and inviting.

    Built using reclaimed wood dating back to the Civil War, the space is a beautiful melding of a traditional 1930s home with a warm contemporary verve. “We wanted to maintain the historic elegance and integrity of the house, but make it fresh and functional,” explains Horvath who worked side-by-side with her husband, Darren Horvath, to transform the drab house into the welcoming, light-filled hair design studio it is today.

    JH Hair Salon Roswell“A.C.C.M.S., who we hired to oversee the project, was tremendously supportive of our hands-on involvement. It allowed Darren–a lawyer by day–to complete most of the interior finish work, and his passion for restoration and meticulous attention to detail wows visitors from the moment they enter the building. We just love owning a piece of Roswell’s rich history.”

    The beautiful space is a reflection of the refined and comfortable service you will experience at JH Design Studio. From the moment you walk in the door of this sophisticated and soothing salon you are experiencing the finest in hair-care hospitality. New clients aren’t treated like potential revenue; they are treated like new friends. And appointments with their regular clients are nothing short of friendly visits.

    “We are fortunate that we genuinely enjoy everyone that comes in,” explains Johnson.

    “We have a broad spectrum of clients from many different walks of life. Some of them we’ve been through a lot with through the years, and there’s a camaraderie that we have naturally come to enjoy. Our clients have become a big part of our lives.”

    What distinguishes them from other fine salons? They are approachable, explains Johnson.cialis “First-time clients are sometimes surprised to find out that we’re just normal people,” adds Horvath.

    “While a client is here in our salon, we make every effort to ensure that they have a comfortable,  pleasant JH Design-pic1experience. We greet you when you walk in the door and offer you a beverage, as if you are a guest in our home. And then we talk about your hair. We build time in for a consultation so that we’re not rushed and you can enjoy your visit,” explains Johnson.

    “We want you to have the best experience you’ve ever had, and we also want you to have the best results you’ve ever had,” adds Horvath. “We can take the length or style that works for you and keep it current. We want you to feel special when you walk in the door and even more special when you leave.”


    For more information, visit www.jhhairdesign com  or call 770.649.8787.

    Photography by Chris Hornaday.