“Best Salon in Roswell! I've been having my hair cut by Whitney Johnson at JH Design Studio for the past three years. Having found Whitney, I never looked back...”
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“Not to be missed! My schedule is always arranged in order to keep my appointments with Barb. She does a fantastic job of coloring, highlighting and cutting my hair...”
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    A New Look for Spring
    By jeffadmin

    JH Hair Design Studio Roswell
    As seen in Cobb Living Magazine
    by Lorrie Bryan

    What is it about the sunny blue-sky days and a blossoming chartreuse landscape that stirs us to open our windows, clean out closets and get a new hair style? The daffodils start blooming and instinctively I want a fresh new look! So when I found myself yearning for a new ‘do, I went to see Whitney Johnson, Barbara Horvath and Kristine Heick at JH Design Studio in Historic Roswell. They have the expertise of a high-end Buckhead salon without the intimidation factor.

    They welcome me into their comfortable salon, and then we chat—what do I want, what do I need? I explain that I’m enjoying longer hair, but open to change. I want something fresh—not frumpy, and not over produced. Like most of my friends, I don’t’ want to be a slave to my hair at six in the morning, but I want it to look good. Intrigued, I watch as Whitney and Barbara engage in a casual consultation. They read each other’s minds, finish each other’s sentences and then pronounce that we’re keeping it long and adding some shape and movement with a fresh cut.

    We talk about color and they move in for a closer look. I routinely keep the gray at bay with a touchup every three or four weeks. The dynamic hair-do duo suggests I move beyond simply maintaining color to enjoying color, having interesting color. OK by me—I could apply this philosophy to my life as well. Don’t just maintain; enjoy! Bantering back and forth, they come up with a plan involving making the color warmer underneath and adding more highlights  on top. This will create dimension and contrast.

    They pour me an afternoon glass of wine as I change into a smock and gratefully entrust my locks and my looks to these hair care professionals—they have more than 36 years of experience between them, they have a passion for hair, and they are good people, besides. I am on my way to a new style with shape and movement, dimension and contrast.

    The time flies by as we visit. I like it here, and I’m comfortable in Whitney’s competent hands. He hears stories of my three daughters and their latest dilemmas while he expertly foils my hair. He introduces me to Kristine, the exciting addition to their studio, as my color processes. We finish solving the world’s problems as he effortlessly snips here and there. Then he styles my hair. . .

    I love it!

    I am fascinated (this is my hair?) and delighted (this is my hair!) all at once. It’s as if Whitney and Barbara distilled the essence of my personality and created my hair accordingly.

    “There is no right or wrong look—we don’t do one-size-fits-all trendy designs. Whether your hair is long or short, we give you a fresh, customized contemporary style that reflects who you are,” Whitney explains.

    They can also tell you which local bakery is the best, where to buy quality home accessories, and which Roswell restaurant serves the finest ceviche. “We’re pretty entrenched in our community and our clients are like family within this community,” Barbara notes. “I’ve known many of my clients for years.”

    I collect the name of a local bakery before sashaying out the door into the beautiful spring afternoon.


    To schedule an appointment, call 770.649.8787, or visit www.jhhairdesign.com for more information.

    Lorrie Bryan is the hair-happy editor of North Fulton Living.

    Photos by Haigwood Studios.