“Best Salon in Roswell! I've been having my hair cut by Whitney Johnson at JH Design Studio for the past three years. Having found Whitney, I never looked back...”
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“Not to be missed! My schedule is always arranged in order to keep my appointments with Barb. She does a fantastic job of coloring, highlighting and cutting my hair...”
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    “We are fortunate that we genuinely enjoy everyone that comes in…we have a broad spectrum of clients, some of them we have been through a lot with through the years and there’s a camaraderie that we have come to enjoy. Our clients have become a big part of our lives”.                            -Whitney Johnson

     Owners Whitney Johnson and Barbara Horvath bring more than 30 years of combined professional experience to their business, and they bring a lot of heart as well. New clients are not treated like potential revenue, they are treated like new friends.  Appointments with their established clients are relaxed, comfortable visits.

     What distinguishes them from other fine salons?  “We have been told that we are approachable,” says Horvath. “First time clients are sometimes surprised to find that we are just normal people.”